Bespoke Tailoring and Made to Measure

A pattern made in accordance with the choice and preference of a customer, while also offering the wearer the liberty to explore the designer within himself.




Step 1 Consultation

We are just a call away to book an appointment, give us the privilege of  making ourselves available at your doorstep for assisting you in deciding the best suitable fabric along with a variety of trims and style samples to choose from, in order to crown the desired look for you.

Fabric Selection


Step 2 Pattern Drafting

A pattern made in conformity with your body type to suit a specific need and achieve the desired fit. At Meraki Brothers we draft your body patterns from scratch and continuously improvise them with time, based on your final fitting and preference. we preserve these master patterns with your complete details for quick and hassle free service on your next order.

Pattern Drafting


Step 3 Baste fit

We now need to be rest assured of the basic fit of the garment to proceed further, at this stage you will get an idea of the overall look, feel and comfort of the garment. Your preferences/feedback will be duly recorded and necessary changes will be made as per your liking.

Baste Fit



Step 4 Final Fit/Delivery

Having achieved the desired look and fit, we make you try the piece for the last time to ensure that everything is put together in the way you desired it to be. Once we see that "Big Smile" plastered over your face, we deliver you the masterpiece you deserve.

              Black Suit

Thank you for your valuable time, looking forward to serve you better !