Our mission is to set forth a customer to comprehend a bespoke suit and its fabrication. At Meraki Brothers, we bring you an exquisite concoction of the British tailoring with Italian silhouette standards, showcasing the flair with each handmade masterpiece.

As a part of the endeavor we encourage on expanding a customer’s potential fashion sense whilst letting them shape suaveness of their own and to help them associate with “Made in India”label as a luxury benchmark.

The essence of our designs is based upon the undying classic fashion adding to the extended shelf life of a man’s wardrobe.



The Team

Rahul Chibber – Being an Alumni of Northumbria University (School of Design, London). Having worked as a fashion consultant and Made to Measure Expert with some of the utmost desirable fashion luxury brands like Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Giorgio Armani. He possesses an In-depth knowledge of the luxury fabrics, pattern fittings and about the construction of a handmade bespoke garment as per the old age Savile Row standards of tailoring. At Meraki Brothers he leads the bespoke tailoring department and strives to achieve the “Best Tailoring Standards & Fit” that any Indian tailoring house has ever delivered. The sole wish is to make the "Made in India” tag compete strongly against likes of the best European tailoring houses.

Dishank Chibber – Dealt with the Prêt-à-porter fashion, And having a distinctive grip of the new age fashion trends, Dishank Chibber was associated with the most sought after luxury brand, Gucci as a Fashion Consultant. Having graduated in fashion design, his core passion was always design; therefore at Meraki Brothers he is now responsible for developing the menswear made to measure collection, ensuring that his designs are always“Classically Fashionable” with a timeless appeal.